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We believe in teamwork and personal relations with our clients. Therefore we motivated professionals at our customers’ disposal to support, assist and solve any kind of problem quickly and effectively.

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We work with the widest range of OEM spare parts suppliers throughout the world and guarantee the highest quality parts for the shipping and power plant markets. Our extensive knowledge has been gained over many years of experience in both manufacturing and supplying spare parts for most of the main engine brands.


Since the early days we have worked with the main shipping companies in the world. We serve all vessels: Container, Passenger, RO-RO, Tug, Chemical/product, Tankers and ferries.

With our extensive portfolio of engine spare parts we can guarantee rapid delivery, and we have gained our extensive knowledge by being official licensees of the main marine engine manufacturers. We also offer a full range of onboard repair services for four-stroke and two-stroke marine engines, repair and overhaul of marine engines at our dockyard and reconditioning services to reduce costs.


We work with the main PPCs and industries such as food, eyewear, agriculture and textile to guarantee the production of energy for facilities.
Maintenance of the engine is fundamental to avoid production stoppages and our long-standing experience guarantees that customers always have the right spare parts for their engine.
We are able to offer a wide selection of high-quality spares such as valves, rotocaps, plungers & barrels, injection nozzles, filters and gaskets etc.