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Parker Kittiwake



Parker Kittiwake specialise in providing online and on site solutions for the condition monitoring of critical plant and industry machinery. Its sensors and equipment pieces facilitate rapid and informed decision making which helps to keep your machinery running efficiently for longer.

Parker Kittiwake is proud to provide the customers with the right blend of technology, expertise and information.

This enables you to manage risk, reduce downtime, optimise efficiencies and maximise profit.

Products and Solutions for Shipping & Marine


– Cold Corrosion Test Kit – Corrosive Iron Testing

The Cold Corrosion Test Kit (CCTK) provides an accurate measurement of corrosive iron content in cylinder liner oil.

– SCAN – Alarm System for Liner Wear

LinerSCAN is the world’s first real-time alarm system for cylinder liner wear, providing early warning against engine damage.

– Iron Test Kit

The Total Iron Test Kit is an economical solution for measuring the level of total iron present in used cylinder oil.


– DIGICell oil test (offline)

The DIGICell is the essential device for Water in Oil, BN (Base Number) insolubles, viscosity, tan and salt content.

– WaterSCAN

WaterSCAN delivers continuous, on-line warning of water ingress and soot build-up oils at all stage of their service life. The effect of water ingress in an oil system can be rapid and catastrophic.

– Online Sensor Suite HMI

A combination of the sensor range with display and logging capabilities, the Sensor Suite HMI has been developed to offer real-time monitoring on critical applications such as Gen Sets


– Cat fines Test Kit

The Cat Fines Test Kit detects catalytic fines to help prevent irreparable damage of fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners.

– Compatibiliy Tester

The Compatibility Tester identifies possible stability problems before blending two fuels, indicating the effectiveness of stability additives.

– Heated Viscometer

Make fast on site maintenance decisions with the Heated Viscometer, providing laboratory grade oil condition results in minutes.