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MARIDIS means optimal performance

MARIDIS products provide specific recommendations for technical and economical optimization. Easy use, self-explanatory software, precise measurement results and all relevant data at a single glance: Intelligent simplification that enables high performance at reduced costs.

Maximum optimization with minimal effort, easy handling and cost efficient solutions are at the center of attention. Development, production and service from a single source, the requirement for high efficiency and quality.



MarLiner: liner inspection without dismantling

Reduce downtimes and unplanned repairs: MarLiner effortlessly finds its way, collects all data with laser-sharp precision and gives you full control regarding wear of liners and more. Our new, quick and economical way of liner inspection allows easy and effective handling – insert, let go and receive results immediately. MarLiner means full, independent control of cylinder liner wear, efficiency in time and costs, inspections in 10 to 30 minutes per cylinder, no calibration needed, multiple report formats and independent, quick execution of Scavenge Port Inspections.


MarPrime: all-in-one engine control system

The MarPrime System is an all-in-one solution of cylinder pressure handheld devices: A complete
tool to assist you while operating engines, fleets and power plants. Together with MarPrime Ultra and MarPrime Instruct, this single unit offers you full assessment of your engines in one hand. It’s high performance electric pressure transducer allows the cylinder pressure to be measured very accurately. Fast data transfer via network or USB connection and an automatic detection of the device guarantee an easy operation.



MarPrime Ultra: cylinder pressure indicator

MarPrime Ultra is not just a simple, user-friendly cylinder pressure indicator. It is designed to measure and analyze the combustion process of 2- and 4-stroke marine diesel engines and stationary power plants. This easy-to-use system offers the potential to gauge all engines in your machine room and draw up well-founded diagnostic reports quickly with a high degree of accuracy. The MARIDIS cylinder pressure indicator uses a high performance electric pressure transducer of well proven design allowing extremely accurate measurement.


MarPrime Instruct: full-featured software solution

MarPrime Instruct is part of the MarPrime System, an all-in-one solution of cylinder pressure handheld devices: It optimizes the engine operation for high engine reliability, low fuel and cylinder consumption. Errors and saving potentials will be identified and analyzed, clear instructions for efficient usage will be shown to the operator. With its interface to the PMI system, MarPrime Instruct works on every vessel worldwide via the CoCoS system. This import option can be used for all electronic controlled engines – analyze, optimize and operate efficiently.


MarPeak Analog & Digital: peak pressure indicators

MarPeak is a Peak Pressure Indicator to measure the applied maximum gas pressure of the diesel engine for every cylinder station with the indicator cock and the corresponding W1-1/6“ standard thread. The MarPeak Digital version features a digital display and a venting screw to release the pressure after the measurement. The measuring principle is the reception of the pressure through a valve with a specific opening pressure into the enclosed chamber of the measuring device. The display with pressure sensor determines and displays the gas pressure.



MarComp: combustion chamber tester

MarComp is a Combustion Chamber Tester monitoring the current condition of valves and piston rings. Providing reliable and efficient condition monitoring, this device measures the time pressure drop of the combustion chamber in TDC position of 4-stroke diesel and gas engines for every cylinder station with the indicator cock and the corresponding W1-1/6“standard thread. MarComp lowers operational efforts by suggesting the ideal point of time for overhauling engines with new piston rings, irrespective of recommended overhaul intervals.


LIWAT: liner wall temperature monitoring

The MARIDIS Liner Wall Temperature Monitoring System monitors the piston running performance by measuring the temperature of the upper part of the cylinder liner. You can set individual temperature alarm limits via the monitoring system in the engine control room to give early warning about a high thermal load and potential cylinder liner scuffing. LIWAT consists of high-quality temperature sensors and a field bus signal converter for each cylinder as well as a common monitor in the engine control room.


MarTorque: torque measurement system

The Shaft Power Measurement System takes the torsion measurement on the running propeller shaft with 4 sensors. In relation to the torsion forces on the propeller shaft and the shaft speed the Shaft Power Measurement System calculates the torque and the power output. The system can be easily installed and calibrated by customer every time. All parts are pre-fabricated and ready for assembly. Besides the standard measurement of torque, power and revolution MarTorque supports programs for displaying the performance diagrams of propulsion plant under current operating conditions in order to optimize consumption.



Maritime Service Center: performance visualization

The Maritime Service Center (MSC) visualizes performance, whenever and wherever you need it. All relevant measurement data for the diagnosis of your vessels‘ or power plants‘ engines is collected and displayed on your screen. The resulting reporting service goes directly to your head office, enabling timely decision-making. With MSC, analysis, visualization, evaluation, optimization, reporting and service come to you from a single source.


MarNoon: voyage report & MRV control

MarNoon software gathers all relevant data on ship operations anywhere in the world, providing immediate onboard analysis and online transfer capabilities to our Maritime Service Centre at MARIDIS. You obtain an efficient tool for optimizing ship performance, supporting itinerary planning and identifying possibilities for reducing fuel and costs. With the new CO2 monitoring feature, whose approving is impending by Lloyd ́s Register, you are MRV ready: MarNoon software provides a secure, practical and service-friendly solution for all affected MRV topics.