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We believe in teamwork and personal relations with our clients. Therefore we motivated professionals at our customers’ disposal to support, assist and solve any kind of problem quickly and effectively.

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From over 150 years of experience MWH is the main worldwide provider of Cylinder Head Systems for Large Combustion Engines.
Leveraging decades of experience, MWH develops reliable products for large 2 and 4-stroke combustion engines, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, lower running costs and dependability.

Thanks to cylinder head solutions that stem from over 150 years of experience and an enduring commitment to R&D.



MWH manufactures superior quality 4-stroke cylinder head components for a wide range of applications and fuel types including diesel, MDO, heavy fuel, natural gas, and propane.

Its customers can rely on MWH for all critical to function components including valves, seats, guides, springs, valve rotators, and clamping cones. Selecting a complete MWH system ensures optimum form, fit and function for maximum performance and reliability.



Long Live The Engine. And The People Who Keep Them Running

Since 1859, MWH has earned the loyalty of the engine world by adhering to one simple principle provide nothing but the best products and services. Nowhere is this commitment to excellence more apparent than among the experienced engineers and technicians of the service department.

MWH is the only supplier that manufactures its components, utilizing the engineering capability and materials knowledge gained through world class manufacturing. MWH has service centers positioned around the world to provide Fleet Services, where and when you need them. At MWH the healt of your engine is more than business, it is its life’s work.


4-Stroke Remanufacturing Services

MWH remanufactures 4-stroke cylinder heads and components to the most demanding specifications its own. As the only component supplier in the industry that also remanufactures its products, MWH is uniquely able to apply the engineering capability and materials knowledge gained through world class manufacturing to the remanufacturing processes.

MWH has been remanufacturing cylinder heads and cages for over 30 years, and has developed unique remanufacturing processes that allow it to rescue valuable components other service companies would be forced to scrap.

All MWH remanufactured components are backed by our 12 month warranty. Who better to remanufacture your 2 and 4-stroke cylinder heads and components than the experts who manufactured them originally?


2-Stroke Remanufacturing Services

MWH remanufactures 2-stroke exhaust valves and components to exacting standards. Because MWH is the only company that remanufactures components on one side of the facility and manufactures new products on the other, it provides the customers with expertise in a broad range of disciplines and materials.

A specialized team focuses exclusively on spindles, with expertise in remanufacturing both stainless steel and nickel based alloys. MWH’s skill in working with superal loys has produced industry-leading advancements in welding techniques, including its Nimalike process. Its superior high temperature corrosion performance sets the standard for marine components remanufacturing. Valve spindles upgraded with its Nimalike process can increase engine life expectancy by a factor of 2-3.