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Protecting engines, reducing fuel consumption and therefore costs is the ultimate objective of the remote diagnostics based on databanks and of the assessment of the engine status implemented by MARIDIS. Maximum optimization with minimal effort. Development, production and service from a single source, the requirement for high efficiency and quality.

MARIDIS products provide specific recommendations for technical and economical optimization. Easy use, self-explanatory software, precise measurement results and all relevant data at a single glance: intelligent simplification that enables high performance at reduced costs.

Easy handling and cost efficient solutions are the center of MARIDIS‘s attention.

A new generation of cylinder pressure handled devices.


The MarPrime system from Maridis GmbH is a simple, user friendly device for measuring cylinder pressure. It is designed to measure and analyse the combustion process of 2 and 4-stroke marine diesel engines and for stationary power plants. It offers the potential to gauge all the engines in your machine room and draw up well founded diagnostic reports quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

The MarPrime system uses a “high performance electric pressure transducer of well proven design” which allows the cylinder pressure to be measured very accurately. With the MarPrime hand held device you have a “one-hand / one-person” tool which quickly and easily collects and records the full range of engine performance data.

An additional feature in the MarPrime Ultra version is the ultrasonic sound sensor. It enables the engine timing – such as the start and finish of the injection process and the engine valve timing – to be determined very precisely. However, its main function is to determine the leak tightness of the valve unit, which it does by analysing and displaying the sound of the fluid flow at points where leakages occur. The module is of direct help in detecting damage to the valves at an early stage and enables overhauls to be carried out in good time, based on the condition of the engine.


An additional feature in the MarPrime Ultra add-on is the ultrasonic sound sensor.

The measurement information provided by the MarPrime System can be used to:

  • Calibrate engines
  • Monitor the load equalisation
  • Monitor the timing
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Determine condition of the cylinder head assembly
  • Reduce costs of replacement parts and maintenance