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We believe in teamwork and personal relations with our clients. Therefore we motivated professionals at our customers’ disposal to support, assist and solve any kind of problem quickly and effectively.

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In the intervening years, OMT know-how and technology have always kept pace with the demands of builders and end users of low and medium speed engines and the evolution of the marine propulsion, power generation, gas compression and rail traction markets.

Omt, as a fully integrated producer, has regularly invested in fuel injetion research and in the production facilities needed to produce the high quality and on time deliveries demanded by its customers.

The overall result is a range of dependable, high technology fuel injection systems for a full range of distillate and heavy fuels. Significantly, in the present phase of emissions dominated engine development, OMT fuel injection systems are enablers of cleaner, more efficient diesel and dual fuel combustion for emissions compliant engines with optimised fuel efficiency and maximised power density.

Testifying to this success, OMT has gained certifications from the leading international quality assurance authorities, including all the most important classification societies.

Founded in 1930. Officine Meccaniche Torino (O.M.T), has served engine builders with dependable, high quality fuel injection equipment from the early days of large diesel engine development.


The OMT product portfolio includes a wide range of fuel injection systems and components for low speed and medium speed engines running on heavy fuel, diesel or gas in various applications.

  • Fuel injection pumps for Heavy Fuel engines and Diesel engines
  • Fuel injection valves
  • Nozzles and atomisers
  • Plungers and barrels for fuel lines
  • High pressure fuel pipes/single and double wall
  • Delivery valves


In a process of simultaneous engineering, OMT cooperates closely with engine builders to produce fuel injection system capable of meeting the challenges of modern large engine development. A major emphasis is currently attaining the reduction in NOx emissions required under the IMO Tier III limitations for ships in Emission Control Areas while minimising fuel consumption as a route to lower operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and conserving fossil fuel resources.

The latest equipment for computing and simulating thermal fluid dynamic processes, in conjunction with leading edge materials science and intensive testing, all guarantee that systems and components produced at OMT offer high performance and excellent avaibility in operation.


The effectiveness of OMT’s quality system is confirmed by the Swiss S.Q.S certification, certifying conformity to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. As required by the ISO/SC7 regulations, each component is subjected to a comprehensive programme of thorough testing.