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We believe in teamwork and personal relations with our clients. Therefore we motivated professionals at our customers’ disposal to support, assist and solve any kind of problem quickly and effectively.

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Tranter offers you the very best. Reliable, compact, and efficient plate heat exchangers that are easy to service and maintain. So, it’s no wonder they can be found on board countless vessels all around the world, from luxury yachts to huge container vessels, supertankers and offshore rigs.

Tranter offers an extensive range of gasketed plate heat exchangers specially designed for marine applications. This, combined with its extensive experience and solid technical expertise within marine and industrial applications, makes Tranter a reliable partner.

For many decades its plate heat exchangers have proved to be the perfect solution for various closed circuit cooling systems at sea.

Plate heat exchangers on board optimise your thermal system efficiency with less  for less. 


Plate heat exchangers save energy, space and weight.

Tranter products are manufactured to fulfill the requirements from classification societies, ship yards and ship owners. It stocks standards as DIN, JIS and ANSI-valves, but it also offers tailor made valves and mounting of actuators.

Both products offer:

  • Much smaller footprints
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier installation
  • Removable heat exchange surfaces for effective cleaning
  • Faster heating or cooling with less energy fluid
  • Turbulent flow for better scaling resistance, greater reliability
  • Less steel, lower purchase price, shorter lead time and less expensive delivery


Its experts will guide you to the right solution. Its marine programme encompasses plate heat exchangers that fulfil any capacity requirement. Its patented Ultraflex design means that Tranter can closely match precise heat exchanger requirements with just a few plate designs. Plates are provided in stainless steel, and titanium as standard, but are also available in other materials. It can also offer frames constructed from aluminium etc. when it is important to keep the weight low.

Quality all the way

Tranter is enlist cutting edge technology in the manufacturing processes. Raw materials are subject to rigorous quality specifications. Exact measurements and metallurgical analyses are performed in accordance with its Total Quality Management System. Fully automated plate presses ensure consistent high quality and plate uniformity time after time. After assembly each plate heat exchanger is tested, and the results are incorporated into a data bank.

Before packing and shipping, it carries out a final check. Nothing is left to chance!


With a Tranter service program you get a grip on things before they become a problem. Every program is tailor made to your specific requirements and can include anything from regular inspection to full annual overhaul.

Tranter provides safe, fast and customised service for all your plate heat exchangers, no matter the brand.