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Ship2shore: Caronte & Tourist and Volvo Penta, the repowering of 3 ships begins

With the collaboration of Zephyr Group, cutting-edge generators will be installed on the naval units that ferry daily in the Strait of Messina
‘I am happy to announce the agreement with naval company Caronte & Tourist and Volvo Penta for the repowering of the engine-generators for some ships of their fleet with our D13 engine-generators in collaboration with our partner Zephyr.’ Aldo Corso, Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial Specialist for the Mediterranean Sea, announced this important collaboration through a post on social media. The company is part of the Swedish Volvo group and deals with the construction of marine engines and propulsion systems. In this case it will collaborate with the Zephyr Group, which deals with diesel engine components, auxiliary components, and condition-based maintenance tools.
‘Caronte & Tourist will soon install Volvo generators on three naval units that ferry daily in the Strait of Messina. They are cutting-edge generators that will replace the current ones and will guarantee maximum efficiency in energy terms, but above all a notable reduction in consumption and harmful emissions and, therefore, maximum safety, sustainability, and efficiency even on older ships,’ the naval company told Ship2Shore exclusively.
‘The choice is indeed part of the refitting and efficiency investment project that the company has been carrying out for years to guarantee maximum environmental sustainability for the existing fleet, in parallel with the integration of new completely “green” modern and cutting-edge ships, not least the Nerea – which will begin navigation by 2023 – and the Pietro Mondello, which by 2024 could already accompany in the Strait its sister ship Elio (the current flagship which in 2018 was the first dual-fuel ship capable of running on LNG in the Mediterranean),’ concluded the Sicilian naval company.
The three ships whose generators we will replace – Volvo Penta announced – are: the Telepass, which will receive 4 D13MG 332 kWe 50hz on-board auxiliary generators; the Giano, which will have 3 D13MG 284 kWe 50hz on-board auxiliary generators; the Villa San Giovanni, which will feature 3 D13MG 284 kWe 50hz on-board auxiliary generators.
The supply will be carried out by the Zephyr company of La Spezia, specialized in the sale of spare parts and engines, which collaborates with Volvo Penta for the sale of commercial engines, in collaboration with Firmasud, Volvo Penta Center of Catania. The contract involves: Commissioning and Start Up (testing and commissioning of the generators); 2 days of training for on-board and technical staff for the operation and ordinary maintenance of the generators, and 60 months of warranty.