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We believe in teamwork and personal relations with our clients. Therefore we motivated professionals at our customers’ disposal to support, assist and solve any kind of problem quickly and effectively.

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Founded in 1968, Sunflame has been producing the rotary cup burner for marine boiler plants, and its burners for auxiliary boilers and incinerators are now being operated across the world. The rotary cup burner has been Sunflame’s iconic product because of its easy operation and maintenance due to its simplified design.

Further support for clients is provided through product upgrades and optional items to meet environmental regulation changes surrounding marine vessels. Additionally, to provide safety and fuel efficiency for the vessels, a remote monitoring and operation assistance service is available for our products.

Sunflame is also a forerunner in the development of auxiliary boiler burners for alternative fuels. Using the same rotary cup burner technology, the DF (Dual Fuel) burner for the auxiliary boiler for LNG/oil combustion was released in 2019 along with the GVU (Gas Valve Unit), followed soon after by the GCU (Gas Combustion Unit). The DF Burner, together with the GVU, is designed and manufactured by Sunflame with commitment to quality to guarantee utmost safety and usability. Since then, the company has also been developing products for combustion of biofuels, ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen.

Sunflame aims to maximize product usability while complying with environmental regulations; its technology will continue to evolve and progress as a leading manufacturer in the maritime industry.

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  • Burner for Auxiliary Boiler

  • Marine Incinerator

  • DF (Dual Fuel) Burner for the Auxiliary Boiler

  • GCU (Gas Combustion Unit)

  • GVU (Gas Valve Unit)


All Sunflame’s combustion products is equipped with the rotary cup burner, with its distinguished method of atomization. Unlike the pressure jet burner which utilizes a nozzle with a tiny hole for atomizing, the rotary cup burner uses a cup with wider holes, preventing oil from clogging. This advantage allows the rotary cup burner to stably combust high viscosity oil such as HFO. The rotary cup burner is also safer in case of oil leakage through the piping because it atomizes fuel oil through by centrifugal power, which does not require a high oil pressure within the pipeline.



Sunflame was originally founded as a after-sales service company, and its spirit lives on to this very day. The company not only sells its products, but flexibly supports its clients by repairing, supplying spare parts, and upgrading the products. To support vessels worldwide, Sunflame- trained engineers are stationed and available across the globe to perform equipment repair and maintenance service.

Sunflame also offers its SUNFLAME SMART SUPPORT SYSTEM, a remote monitoring service for onboard equipment. Clients will receive daily and monthly operational reports of Sunflame products, as well as critical and troubleshooting reports when troubles occur. The service will provide advice and assistance regarding maintenance, trouble prevention and fuel conservation through the reports.