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Vestas Aircoil



The VP industry group, with headquarters in Lem, Denmark, is a partner to leading industrial companies.

Since the 1950’s, the core business area for VP industries has been the marine sector, providing charge air coolers for primarily diesel engines. Indeed VP industries, under its name from that time Vestas aircoil, manufactured the worlds very first charge air cooler together with Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen. Since that time the product portfolio has grown drastically encompassing other market areas keeping VP industries at the technological for efront of product development.

Today Vestas aircoil is a market leading maker of charge air coolers, water mist catchers, shell & tube heat exchangers, alternator coolers and compressor coolers.



  • Wide range of products for both 2 and 4 stroke engines
  • Thermal performance design approved by engine builders
  • OEM quality assurance
  • FOC ships survey where required
  • Choice of standard or premier versions to suit your needs



The tube bundle is made of tubes and fins. The most common material is used by Vestas aircoil is CuNiFe10, as it combines high resistance to flow erosion with good heat transfer. All fins are made from pure Cu.

Vestas aircoil are capable of producing the tube bundle in two different ways: “Tin soldered” (premier version) and “Expanded” (standard, approved by OEMs). The main difference is the connection between the fins and tubes which in the first case is garanted by the bath of tin (acting also as protection coating) and in the second by the tubes plastic expansion.



Vestas Aircoil offers to its customers the possibility to recondition its own CAC.

When your cooler is leaking coolant or has worn fins, Vestas can evaluate the possibility to replace all of the tube bandle with a brand new one, either in standard or premier version.